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We print custom banners really fast, if you need a banner and have artwork ready, we can have it finished in under 24 hours. You should check in ahead if you are on a time crunch. You can email the print tech with any questions: [email protected]

What is a custom vinyl banner?

(Digital Printed instead of traditional cut vinyl, we can print photos artwork, etc. onto banner material aka “digital banner printing”)

Need a design printed on a banner today? You may have seen them at a large event or perhaps a trade show. Banners are used in all types of events and are perfect for large areas where important information is to be displayed. The largest banner we ever printed and manufactured was 30 feet long and is still being used at events today!

All banners will be hemmed along the edges and grommets placed using an automatic algorithm ever 24 – 36 inches.

Types of Vinyl Banner Material:

  • 13oz. Heavy-Weight Banner Vinyl – Outdoor
  • We also have an 18oz ultra heavy duty vinyl not listed on the website

Ways to Display Your Vinyl Banner

There are many different ways to display your banner. Stand them up inside your store on the ground floor or hang them on the side of your building. We offer banner stands, grommets for hanging, proper hemming for poles and dowels may be used for what’s known as a “pole pocket” banner.

Printed Banners Made at 619 Signs

Banner FAQ

The mouth of our printer can go as wide as 59 inches.  The tongue can be as long as you need it. (the roll of material brand new is 150ft)   So for example if you were to take a 4ft wide banner and need the print to be 20 feet wide this would be no issue.

If you needed it 20ft wide and 4ft long there would be no issue, we orientate in a landscape or portrait mode to maximize print area. This sample should illustrate how this is done. 

Most of our common banner sizes are $2 a square foot. That is the lowest price for a high-quality banner in the industry.  This low cost does not include design or artwork.

Because customers being too picky when creating a banner we cannot do it for free any longer.

This issue needs a video to be adequately addressed.  Graphic Design takes time, and to design for someone who doesn’t know ANYTHING about designing something takes even LONGER.

For example, the default font that is used by design software needs to be changed often; I cannot have a client yelling at me everytime they see something they do not like pop up on the design screen before I had a chance to edit it, my hands can only move so fast. Changes happen 1 at a time.  It’s not like the movies where I press a bunch of keys and hack into a satellite. All computer work is time-consuming.  And the worst is when you change your mind and want to start from scratch. Design is $50 for me or any of the graphic artist I can recommend.

For $2 a square foot it does not benefit me to design you anything to try to keep your business. We recommend going to Fiverr, Upwork, and any of the other rent a designer websites to get you a print ready graphic.

Sorry for the bluntness but it is totally necessary.

Common banner prints based on our past sales in no particular order.

2×8, 3×8, 4×10, 3×5, 3×6, 2×6, 4×6.

Grommets are spaced using a software algorithm between 24 inches to 36 inches evenly.  We can also make a pole pocket if needed.

We do not take shortcuts with the ink saturation, ink quality or banner material.   We use the OEM inks that are rated for 3-5 years in direct sunlight and elements.

File types, we can print ALL file types.  This includes AI, PDF, PSD, EPS, TIFF, JPG (Needs to have enough data size to print)