Do you know graphics design and are seeking a way to make money on the side?


Are you a sign installer, sign shop who needs a printer?


Are you an entrepreneur not afraid to do some extra work to get your signage made?

And lastly if you answered yes to any of these,

can you produce your own graphics?

Making banners, vinyl posters, can be an easy high profit way to make money on the side.  The general public does not want to pay for design services, we all heard that person say, “can you design me a logo for $10” the problem is people who are ‘graphics illiterate’ think when we design something that we are simply, “playing” and that our time is not valuable.  The way to make money off your skill is often to buy a printer and get a lease and produce the physical items yourself.  People will pay for items ‘in the hand’ but they will not pay for graphics work.

So that brings me to my offer, you design and resell your artwork.  If someone says, “hey I need a little league banner, can you make me a file” you should say.  “I can produce the banner as a whole for a $100”

 So how do I know this works?

I have literally been printing for other people for almost 2 years and while I don’t make money on it like you do I enjoy meeting now people and networking.  I decided to open my business up to other graphics oriented people.  So if you are tired of doing Uber and Lyft and getting ‘nickel and dimed’ on your graphics work, you have to think of a better way a smarter way and network with other people with resources to help you generate some side cash.

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I am still finalizing this new business model, so if you are interested send me your finished print ready AI or JPG file to
[email protected] or upload it to the website. I will give you a quote and print your item and you finish it.  I supply the the tools for you to finish the print and you can deliver and get paid!

On Instagram we are 619signs, or find me on facebook using this link.

Okay I’m interested, but whats the price how much can I earn?

I’m calculating this pricing structure based on Raw square footage and ink consumption.  I very colorful banner will be slightly more expensive than a banner on white with black letters for example:

A 5×10 super colorful raw banner ranges from $35-$50 these banners hemmed and grommet of this size retail for $100 on the lowest end (rare) to $250.