Here are the answers to common questions that many people have asked.

What file-type do I need for printing?

The most commonly accepted file that we use is an Adobe .pdf file.
PDF files are very universal and may be opened with many different types of software while keeping quality loss to a minimum.

Other file types you may use:

  • .psd
  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .tga
  • .tiff
  • .bmp

Do you also design?

We mainly outsource our design work. There are many websites all over the internet dedicated to graphics. If needed we can design in house.

How long will my graphic take to be printed & shipped?

Printing will take place within 24 hours from the time at which you have confirmed your design. It will ship shortly after that.

How do I know which material I need to use?

If you are unsure on the type of material you need, just let us know what your graphic is being used for and we will choose the best and most appropriate material to suit your needs.